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Teeth Alignment & Invisible Braces

What Are Invisible Braces?
Invisible braces are suitable for adults, teenagers and young children. Comfortable and discreet solution for teeth correction.
The aligners (braces) move your teeth, little by little, in a precise, controlled manner, towards the desired final position, with the result being perfectly aligned teeth and a great smile.
The clear braces used are custom-made, near-transparent, and easily removable – you can take them in and out as you please. Unlike traditional braces, this braces use no metal brackets or wires, and, as they’re nearly invisible, others won’t notice that you’re wearing them.

Cosmetic Dentistry & Smile Makeover

There are many dental issues that cosmetic dentistry treatments can fix, with examples being misshapen teeth, crooked teeth and discoloured teeth. Whatever aspect of your teeth you’re not happy with, we’re confident that we can help.

Smile Makeover – Revitalise your teeth and get yourself a Hollywood smile using a range of the above techniques. We don’t use a one size fits all template approach. We assess your individual needs and personalise your smile treatment plan accordingly for optimal results.

Crowns, Bridges & Porcelain Veneers

When the size of a «filling» exceeds a certain proportion of the tooth, it must be replaced with a «cap,» also called a «crown.» Zirconium /porcelain crowns look very natural and don’t have a dark metal line. Porcelain crowns reflect light with a natural healthy glow.
Crowns, or caps for teeth, look and function just like natural teeth. Big Smile Dental Clinic may recommend a crown if your tooth has enough decay that it cannot hold a filling, or if your tooth is cracked or broken and in danger of cracking down into the root if left unattended. A crown covers your tooth completely.
A bridge be utilized to replace one or more teeth. These restorations are cemented onto the teeth and are referred to as «fixed» dentistry.

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